Sustainable Agriculture Models for the Romanian Mountain Area (2014 – 2016)

 “Sustainable Agriculture Models for the Romanian Mountain Area”

Project co-funded by a grant of Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the Enlarged European Union, under the Swiss – Romanian Cooperation Programme.

Project partners:  SAB Switzerland (“Dorna” Mountain Farmers Federation (, Open Fields Foundation (Former HEIFER Romania –, RoMontana (

Overall budget: 1.512.349 CHF

Implementation period: 2014 – 2016

Project’s goal: Developing agricultural models in the mountain area of Romania by integrating traditional activities into the modern economic system.

Outcome 1: The production factors of the traditional production system are strengthened

  • Pasture management improving measures are created
  • Six modern sheepshelter models built and operational in the test areas

Outcome 2: The market opportunities of traditional products are improved

  • Product specification and technical assistance for 3 clusters of products are finalized
  • Marketing study is developed
  • Branding kit for mountain products developed and implemented
  • Local, regional and national events to promote traditional products are realized
  • Campaign for local products consumption is realised towards different target groups

Outcome 3: The competences of producers to diversify and modernize their production are improved

  • New Curricula for shepherds, sheepfoldmasters and farmer organisations developed and implemented. Farmers associations are strengthened
  • Exchange visits with Swiss partners to Switzerland and where appropriate to France and Spain are carried out

Outcome 4: Models and best practices are promoted and disseminated on a regional and national scale


• Brochures developed during the project (chapters of the best practice guide):

Pasture management – brochure



Recipes and technical specifications






For extra details please visit the project’s website:

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