Phone interview for Radio Romania Village Antenna (Antena Satelor) with Radu – Adrian Rey (vicepresident of Euromontana and president of RoMontana), Life in the country (with Tatiana Mircea), 12 november 2021.

Radu – Adrian Rey, was invited on the 12 of November 2021 for a phone interview by the national station Radio Romania Antena Satelor where he presented a short history of Euromontana, it’s main objectives and activities across Europe as well as the member organisations from Romania. The discussion was focused on the interest that Euromontana shows on the future of young population from the mountain areas and the preliminary results and conclusions of the survey “Being young in mountain areas 2021”. The subject will be discussed again, in more details, once the survey will be published by Euromontana begining of next year.